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The lamp AIM Flos adapts depending on the styles of environments and uses.
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The new AIM lamp by Flos is designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec: a suspension lamp with aluminum body, coated plate in the liquid and the optical photoengraved polycarbonate diffuser.

The reflector is made of ABS photoengraved.

The special feature of this lamp is its ability to direct the light where and how you prefer.

The power supply is from the mains and the LED is dimmable with dimmer type "Triac led." The cable length is 9 meters useful for the lamp Flos AIM Flos may be suspended at 3 meters from the ceiling.

Also available with wall plug and rose with multiple connection of up to 5 AIM.

The lamp AIM Flos adapts depending on the uses and styles of environments, as they allow to direct the light as desired hanks to its ability to adjust the height of the diffuser by means of the sliding of the cable suspension.

"The whole idea underlying this project is to propose a lamp that offers an infinite variety adjustment to suit different lighting needs. We have elaborated a proposal for a new type of lamp that naturally positions itself in space - as would a plant - through long cables which facilitate free orientation and height of the light. "R. & E. Bouroullec.

Colours: Black, white and brown.

  • Two elements then it is essential to buy also rose.
  • To have the lamp with dimmable light you can buy the Wall Dimmer.



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    Flos - AIM rose window multiple
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    Multiple rose window for the new AIM lamp by Flos.
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    Flos - Dimmer wall lamp Flos AIM and AIM SMALL
    Dimmer wall lamp Flos AIM and AIM SMALL.