Flos - D'E Light

Flos - D'E Light

Flos - D'E Light

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On the E-light is the new table lamp designed by Philippe Starck, signed note from the international lighting design, which Flos put into production in the month of Dicembre.Si is a desk lamp with LED technology, which will have an iDevice dock on which y
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On the E-light by Philippe Starck is a bit iDevice dock and a little table lamp

On the E-light is the latest lamp and a desk in the month of December will Flos. On the E-light is a lamp designed ultra-modern designed by Philippe Starck, Flos signature brand of excellence, a lamp that combines a pair technology now present in many parts of the design on the market. In fact, E-Light combines the functions of a common table lamp, then the possibility of lighting desks and work surfaces, to a dock where you connect your iDevice iPad, iPhone, iPod or even your staff. All of Apple's Cupertino device can be connected to the lamp and Flosfacilmente be reloaded without any compatibility problem. We had already seen something similar in 2011 and we had Euroluce foreshadowed a new market segment projected into the blend of technologies from different sectors together.

D'E-light di Philippe Starck

On the E-light by Philippe Starck

On the E-light by Philippe Starck
What we like and what does not the table lamp by Flos On the E-light

The table lamp On the E-light is definitely the finishing touch and extremely careful, especially in joints that have always impressed us about the lamps by Flos. A lot of clean lines and good adjustability of the center speaker that makes us appreciate this desk lamp from both the functional and aesthetic below. The position of iDevice dock at the top of the speaker instead of the lamps does not convince us a lot especially if you think that always your Apple device will be connected to the lamp. Of course, this could leave naked and having the support comb without any logical sense for Apple. Therefore we would like to make a note on the position chosen at least we would have preferred to be assessed against a system and at least it took away from the top of the lamp. To say nothing of the fact that even a slight pressure on the iPhone or iPad is no doubt move the lamp head forcing its new orientation.

On the E-light is certainly a beautiful table lamp limp see both lovers of the world's apple and makes sure that we hear his voice in a possible new era of lighting design mix of new technologies. We look forward in December to see a live and be able to assess more carefully.
On the E-light with iPad

On the E-light with iPad


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