Kartell - Dr. No

Kartell - Dr. No

Kartell - Dr. No

The Dr. NO small armchair is a Kartell classic, known for its perfect combination of functionality and beauty.
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The Kartell Dr. No armchair is a Kartell classic, well known for its combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Kartell Dr. No is not afraid of temperature changes, is stackable up to 4 chairs and features wraparound seating comfort, elegance of design, functionality, ease of cleaning, does not have a system for the flow of water, but it is however suitable for the exterior thanks to its extreme resistance to temperature changes and for ease of cleaning.

The selection of colors-white wax, light yellow, light green, fennel, warm gray, warm orange and lavender-gray is towards pastel shades.

The formal solutions, materials and practicality let Dr. No Kartell to live outdoors and represent an excellent proposal for the contract. A Kartell Dr. No is accompanied by Kartell Dr. Na, a small round table proposed as a direct complement to the session.

The seat is comfortable and enveloping, the structure simple and elegant.

The purchase price is equivalent to 1 chair.

The chairs are sold in pairs and color.


Design bystarck

Phileppe Starck



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    Kartell - Dr. Yes
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    Design chair designed by Philippe starck Dr.Yes has square lines, curving slightly downwards, ensures a roomy and surrounding space. Buy on-line.
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    Kartell - Dr. Na
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    Coffee table by Kartell Dr.Na to flank the chair Dr. No.